Paint and Powder (1925)

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Paint and Powder (1925)

PostTue Oct 12, 2010 4:45 am

Elaine Hammerstein had a sizable film career in silents. Here she plays Mary Nolan, a "lily of the alley," a struggling singer/dancer at Dago Mike's dive. Her boyfriend Jimmy (Theodore von Eltz) waits tables. When a big Broadway producer (John St. Polis) comes in one night, she goes into her dance but he never notices her. As he leaves, a crook lifts his wallet Jimmy see this and lifts the wallet from the crook's pocket. With cash in hand, he and Mary swank up and go to see the producer. They are turned away but she catches the eye of the lecherous partner (Stuart Holmes). Later, after Jimmy is hauled away as a thief, Mary talks the producer into trying to help but it's too late; he has confessed.

He feels sorry for the pretty girl and gives her a part in his big new show. She becomes an overnight star (Jimmy is serving time). Time passes and she's opening in a big new show. Jimmy has gotten out of jail (he's been pardoned). As he waits outside in the alley, Mary agrees to go to Holmes' apartment to a party. She gets drunk and ends up in bed, passed out. Just as Holmes is about to make his move, Jimmy bursts in and there is a big fight. But when Jimmy spies Mary in a negligee (she was undressed by drunken women at the party after they dumped her in a tub of water), he assumes and worst and runs away.

More time passes and she's still a big star on Broadway. Jimmy is in the audience and ready to start anew but alas, he is too late: Mary has married her producer (St. Polis). The closing shot shows her sobbing into her wedding gown as Jimmy is now lost to her.

The musical numbers are pretty much a bust without real music. The dancing consists mostly of high kicks. Yet Hammserstein is quite beautiful, a cross between Clara Bow and Barbara LaMarr, and a decent actress. The rest of the cast is solid.

Opening credits have show girls dancing around a giant powder puff.

What else of Hammerstein's has survived?
Ed Lorusso
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Harold Aherne

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Re: Paint and Powder (1925)

PostTue Oct 12, 2010 10:55 am

drednm wrote:What else of Hammerstein's has survived?

These have been listed or discussed at AMS:

The Moonstone (1915, World) [run at Cinesation in 2006]
The Woman Game (1920, Selznick)
The Way of a Maid (1921, Selznick) [LOC]
One Week of Love (1922, Selznick)
The Drums of Jeopardy (1923, Truart) [LOC]
Paint and Powder (1925, Chadwick)
Parisian Nights (1925, FBO) [fragment only?]
The Unwritten Law (1925, Columbia) [LOC]
The Checkered Flag (1926, Banner) [incomplete nitrate at UCLA]
Ladies of Leisure (1926, Columbia)

Perhaps those with access to the FIAF listings can provide other titles. Interestingly, although her date of birth is always given as 16 June of 1895 or 1897, the 1900 census says December 1894.

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PostTue Oct 12, 2010 11:08 am

In addition to those films that Harold mentioned, the following titles also came up in the FIAF database (search term: Elaine Hammerstein):

ACCIDENTAL HONEYMOON, THE Perret, Léonce United States of America 1918
Library of Congress (Washington) [USW]

CO-RESPONDENT, THE Ince, Ralph W. United States of America 1917
Library of Congress (Washington) [USW]

HER MAN Ince, Ralph W. United States of America 1918
UCLA Film and Television Archive (Los Angeles) [USL]

ONE GLORIOUS NIGHT Dunlap, Scott R. United States of America 1924
Cinémathèque Royale (Bruxelles) [BEB]

S.O.S. PERILS OF THE SEA Hogan, James P. United States of America 1925
Library of Congress (Washington) [USW]


"Inclusion of a title in this database does not guarantee its availability nor completeness. Users should contact individual archives for more information."
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PostTue Oct 12, 2010 11:11 am

Thanks guys.... yes I found Harold's list in the old post....
Ed Lorusso
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PostMon Nov 22, 2010 9:56 pm

Here is the Elaine Hammerstein filmography I drew up in my usual wont, by studio affiliation and/or distributor. It includes the information above and adds one more survivor. It is not an overly generous behest but still respectable; she has only a small part in Souls for Sale and otherwise doesn't seem to have been in any films really well known now, though it appears The Midnight Express was a considerable early success for Columbia. FWIW, there is a Gwynplaine MacIntyre imdb review for After Business Hours.

I have studied silent films and American Musicals for more thirty years and cannot remember encountering her name before. She seems to have been quite popular, but appeared mostly in "women's pictures" which do not seem to be well celebrated by predominantly male critics, at least not in the past. Elaine Hammerstein was usually the star of the films she appeared in, worked with good directors: Perret, Archainbaud, Ralph Ince, Crosland (to whom she was married), Mal St. Clair etc. and made mainly theatrical, "high class" properties.

Any additions/clarifications welcome.


World Film Corp
The Moonstone 1915 EXTANT
The Face in the Moonlight 1915 via Brady Picture Plays

International Film Service
Beatrice Fairfax (serial) 1916 via Wharton Bros. EXTANT; slightly incomplete

The Argyle Case 1917 via Warwick & Harry Rapf
The Silent Master 1917 via Warwick
The Country Cousin 1919
The Woman Game 1920 EXTANT
Greater Than Fame 1920
The Shadow of Rosalie Byrnes 1920
Whispers 1920
The Point of View 1920
The Daughter Pays 1920
The Pleasure Seekers 1920
Poor, Dear Margaret Kirby 1921
The Miracle of Manhattan 1921
The Girl from Nowhere 1921
Remorseless Love 1921
Handcuffs or Kisses 1921
The Way of a Maid 1921 EXTANT
Why Announce Your Marriage? 1922
Reckless Youth 1922
Evidence 1922
Under Oath 1922
One Week of Love 1922 EXTANT
Rupert of Hentzau 1923

The Mad Lover 1917 via Warwick & Harry Rapf
Her Man 1918 via Advanced Motion Picture Corp. EXTANT

The Co-respondent 1917 via Advanced Motion Picture Corp. FRAGMENT

The Accidental Honeymoon 1918 EXTANT

Harry Rapf Productions via States Rights
Wanted for Murder 1918

Broadway Gold 1923 via Edward Dillon Prods.
The Drums of Jeopardy 1923 via M.H. Hoffman EXTANT
Daring Love 1924 via M.H. Hoffman

Souls for Sale 1923 EXTANT

The Midnight Express 1924
The Foolish Virgin 1924
One Glorious Night 1924 EXTANT
After Business Hours 1925
The Unwritten Law 1925
S.O.S. Perils of the Sea 1925 EXTANT
Ladies of Leisure 1926 EXTANT

Parisian Nights 1925 via Gothic Pictures FRAGMENT

Every Man's Wife 1925

Paint and Powder 1925 EXTANT

Banner Prod.
The Checkered Flag 1926 EXTANT; Incomplete
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PostMon Nov 22, 2010 10:02 pm

not a great survival rate.....

I have a mute copy of Ladies of Leisure I haven't watched...

good research!!
Ed Lorusso
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