Thanks from the Damfinos! (Plaque donations passes $15,000)

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Thanks from the Damfinos! (Plaque donations passes $15,000)

PostMon Oct 23, 2017 6:03 pm

From the Damfinos: Thanks to over 208 generous Buster Keaton fans, we have already surpassed our initial fundraising goal of $15,000 towards a new plaque commemorating the former location of the Buster Keaton Studios in Hollywood. The entire cost of the project is actually $22,000 (creating the plaque and setting it in ground) but we set a lower goal, unsure of how much we could raise and knowing that the Keaton Society would cover the difference. However, having hit $15K in only two weeks, and with two weeks to go in the campaign, we are reaching out to you to help us reach our "stretch goal" of $22,000. If we reach this goal, the Society can save its own funds to be used towards our annual convention, our outreach, our member benefits, and other new and exciting projects we will announce soon. Please go to" target="_blank where you can watch a video about the project, donate, and choose from an amazing collection of "perks," including Society membership, books, posters, playing cars, pins, and even a porkpie hat.
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