Whatever happened to Norma Randall?

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Whatever happened to Norma Randall?

PostTue Sep 04, 2012 10:54 pm

The Three Stooges fan club has actively searched for long lost supporting players for years, but none has been more frustrating than Norma Randall. She was in three Three Stooges shorts: SPOOKS (1953), MUSTY MUSKETEERS, and PALS AND GALS (both 1954). Beyond that, she had a few other small roles in Columbia features from 1953-1954 (THE BIG HEAT, CRUISIN DOWN THE RIVER, MISSION OVER KOREA).

There is no record of her before 1953 or after 1954. She came into the picture in late January 1953 when she was signed by Columbia. She was described as a USC co-ed, an angle which has never been substantiated. She was also described as a "21 year old grad of local little theaters." If that's true, it would likely refer to the Los Angeles area. That description also is a strike against her widely listed birth date of September 5th 1930. If she was 21 years old in January 1953, she was born in 1931 or early January 1932.

There was a publicity push for her in the first half of 1953, as photos of her being crowned "Miss Powered Flight" and "Queen of the Flowers" circulated in newspapers throughout the country. The newspaper mentions dry up drastically after the first half of 1953, but she appeared in a few films through 1954 before essentially dropping off the face of the earth.

Is she still alive? Maybe, and if so, probably in her early 80s. We just don't know if she's still around or not. Is Norma Randall even her real name? Maybe, maybe not. We've combed through newspaper archives, birth records, death records, ancestry.com, Variety's archives, and we even contacted USC. But at the end of the day, we have no big leads. I do not believe she was the Norma Randall who was a Los Angeles model in the early 1940s (photos don't match).

So, today, on the day she "might" turn 82 years old.... does anyone know anything about her? The smallest detail could go a long way. Reply to this post if you know anything. Thanks!

1953 press photo


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