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Welcome To NitrateVille-- Please Read First

Posted: Sat Dec 15, 2007 3:57 pm
by Mike Gebert
Welcome to NitrateVille, a discussion site for anyone who loves silent and classic-era sound film.

Any discussion relevant to the topic is welcome here-- from serious and technical preservation talk to newly-minted fans talking about their newfound love for old movies. Our intention is to make this a useful resource for the sharing of information and the growing of the silent/classic film community.

As a moderated site, we will do our best to eliminate spam, flamewars and other forms of internet kudzu and incivility which discourage discussion, while allowing the freest possible civil discussion of on-topic matters. We plan to moderate as little as possible-- but to moderate firmly whenever something truly crosses the line of basic civility or productiveness. This means:

• Personal attacks will be pulled, and you'll generally be given a chance to repost any useful content-- if there was any-- minus the personal stuff.
• Discussions that go round and round without advancing will be stopped. In other words, you can say the same damn thing twice, but not three or more times.
• While off-topicness is mostly discouraged anyway, certain specific forms which have a tendency to cause trouble will be policed especially closely. Politics, religion, sports, Mac vs. PC, personal lives of modern dysfunctional celebrities, etc. are among the topics that really don't belong here because of the distraction and threat they pose to the rational, on-topic operation of the community.
• Please don't fight with the volunteer moderators. Accept a decision, however boneheaded, with good grace and move on.
• Be aware that this is a public forum and blatant offers of copyright violating activities will be pulled.

Thank you for coming here, and we look forward to all the wonderful things people will have to say here.

Posted: Fri Jan 25, 2008 1:37 pm
by Mike Gebert
A couple of things new folks might want to check out early on:

Introduce yourself in this thread.

A couple of housekeeping tips that will make your use of the site more pleasurable.

Basic info on posting features (eg, how to bold text, post images, etc.)