Pipe Organ Pictures at Portland's Hollywood Theatre

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Pipe Organ Pictures at Portland's Hollywood Theatre

Unread post by Brooksie » Sun Mar 26, 2017 9:55 am

For some time, the Columbia River Theatre Organ Society has been showing silent films at Portland's Hollywood Theatre, the latest of which was The Cameraman (1928) yesterday afternoon.

This was accompanied by some great news. The CRTOS has not only rebranded its program of showings at the Hollywood as 'Pipe Organ Pictures', but have now been incorporated into the Hollywood Theatre's 'Signature Series', meaning that their sporadic silent film screenings (usually 3-4 per year) will now become regular monthly events.

It will also allow a greater diversity of silents to be shown, all with live organ accompaniment. So far, the April and May showings have been announced as Seventh Heaven (1927) and a showing of several Thanhouser short films, introduced by Portland native Ned Thanhouser.

As far as I know, represents the first regular program of silents to show in Portland in some time. Terrific news!

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