Paul Whiteman(1890-1967)

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Paul Whiteman(1890-1967)

Unread post by AbZeroNow » Sat Oct 21, 2017 12:08 pm

Because of my interest in the public domain, and various copyright laws of different countries, I came across Paul Whiteman when I was searching through 1967 deaths for a list of stuff that goes into public domain in those countries that have copyright terms of "Life of the Author plus 50 years".

From what I can tell, at least three Whiteman compositions are due to become public domain in Life + 50 countries on January 1, 2018: "Flamin' Mamie" (1925), Charlestonette (1925) & Dreaming The Waltz Away (1926) [Fred Rose, the co-writer of those, died in 1954].

I do like how looking into classic film allows him to learn about all sorts of people that I had previously never heard of (I'm in my mid-30s so there is a lot of history outside my own cultural memory).

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