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Lost & Neglected Comics + Comedy Scripters/Directors

Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 8:30 pm
by JFK
Billy Reeves aka Billie Reeves
Is Billie Reeves (49 silents) a lost comic? It can't be. Provide links to his films post haste!
Surely, at least one of his films survives, but I've not seen any--- well, have I ?
A Karno transplant (his brother
Alf Reeves worked for Karno and Chaplin)
Billie, in the USA, toiled for Ziegfeld, and then the Lubin Studio from 1912-1916.
He returned to England, and stagework, and made but one talkie, in 1930
under the baton of Slapsticon hero Monty Banks.

Pat and Patachon

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 12:36 am
by JFK
Pat and Patachon

They lack a English language Wikipedia page Have they ever had a short subject/feature DVD set
released in North America (e. g. Their Monty Banks directed Cocktails) ?


Re: Lost Comics ? : Billy Reeves aka Billie Reeves

Posted: Fri Jul 05, 2013 11:18 am
by silentfilm
I have a 16mm print of A Day on the Force (1915), although my print is not from Blackhawk. It has a musical score and is quite funny. Reeves sees the perks that the local cop on the beat gets, so Reeves steals the cop's uniform and impersonates a policeman, although things don't go so well for him.

Lost Comic ? : Sam Bernard

Posted: Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:56 pm
by JFK
Sam Bernard
1. Is Sam Bernard (4 silents, 3 for Sennett) a lost comic?

2. A star of Broadway and Vaudeville , without even a sound recording before his fatal ocean voyage ?

Well- as anyone unlucky enough to have stumbled onto this thread must surely have guessed- the answer to
our (mildly-researched) question #1 is "No." The venerable
Tracer of Lost Comics, has revealed:
"I have a print of BECAUSE HE LOVED HER (1915), and we just showed A JANITORS WIFE'S TEMPTATION at Slapsticon."

Lost Comics ? : Bert Savoy and Jay Brennan

Posted: Sun Jul 14, 2013 5:22 am
by JFK
Bert Savoy and Jay Brennan
The Vaudeville/Ziegfeld act of Savoy and Brennan was in the lost Two Flaming Youths (1927) .
W.C. Fields; Chester Conklin; Mary Brian; Jack Luden; George Irving; Cissy Fitzgerald; James Quinn;
Anna Magruder; Chester Morton; Lee W. Parker; Billy Platt; John Seresheff; John Aasen;
Jack Pearl & Ben Bard (as Pearl & Bard) ; Stanley Rogers & Jay Brennan (as Savoy & Brennan);
Bobby Clark & Paul McCullough (as Clark & McCullough); Clarence Kolb & Max Dill (as Kolb & Dill );
Vivian Duncan & Rosetta Duncan (as The Duncan Sisters); Joe Weber & Lew Fields (as Weber & Fields);
George Moran & Charles Mack (as Moran & Mack); Wallace Beery & Raymond Hatton (as Berry & Hatton);
Benny & McNulty; Baker & Silvers

but Bert Savoy, the drag-artist star-half of Savoy and Brennan, was killed by lightning in 1923, and, in Two Flaming Youths,
was portrayed by Stanley Rogers... Brennan, who continued on stage with Rogers for 7 years, appeared in 2 talkies .
But was the real / first Savoy ever filmed or recorded ?

Jay Brennan and Stanley Rogers
Interestingly, W. C. Fields had worked on stage with both Savoy & Brennan and Moran & Mack,
and both acts unsuccessfully attempted to continue after the loss of their key member

(Charles Mack died in a car crash in 1934- an accident George Moran and Mack Sennett survived).

Thanks to FrankFay (see post below) for the 78 rpm info and the wonderful link to a
site which includes clippings, a Savoy and Brennan interview, autograph samples...
FrankFay wrote:Thu Jul 25, 2013 3:05 pm
Savoy and Brennan recorded two routines on the Vocalion label shortly before Savoy was killed:

Lost Comics? : The Two Mrs. Drews

Posted: Tue Jul 16, 2013 10:41 am
by JFK
Los Angeles Herald (1900)
The 1st Mrs Drew

Sidney Drew (1863 – 1919) and Gladys Rankin (1870 – 1914)

The Second Mrs. Drew

The short comedy films of Sidney Drew & Lucille McVey, the 2nd Mrs. Drew, screen on TCM and at film fests.
Lucille Drew acted in 155 films, wrote 39, & directed 37. Do the 5 films she made after her husband's death survive?
Is there an online source for answers to such questions?

Lost Comics ? : Edward Buzzell's Talkie Shorts

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:35 pm
by JFK
Edward Buzzell
The TCM airing today of his Preston Sturges adaptation got us to wondering if
more than one of Buzzell's short subject starring vehicles survives.
Edward Buzzell
Edward Buzzell Broadway Credits
Edward Buzzell Film/TV Credits
The Royal Four-Flusher (1930)
The Devil's Cabaret (1930)
The Lone Star Stranger (1931)
Check and Rubber Check (1931)
She Served Him Right (1931)

Lost Comic ? : Lew "Monkeys is the Cwaziest Peoples" Lehr

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2013 11:59 pm
by JFK
Lew Lehr
His two decades of starring shorts & Fox Movietone segments are all over Youtube- and maybe he even shows up at Slapsticon or on the Fox Movie Channel- but Lew "Monkeys is the Cwaziest Peoples" Lehr remains the unknown soldier of talkie comedies. Not a “lost” comic exactly, but with several radio series and an estimated 300 film appearances to his credit -imdb lists fewer than ten- Lehr, and his body of work, have cast remarkably small DVD shadows.

Re: Lost Comics ? : Billy Reeves aka Billie Reeves

Posted: Thu Jul 25, 2013 2:05 pm
by FrankFay
Savoy and Brennan recorded two routines on the Vocalion label shortly before Savoy was killed:" target="_blank" target="_blank n (WEBSITE GONE)

Leno+Campbell;"Poodles"Hanneford;Noir Film Co

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2013 12:59 pm
by JFK
Dan Leno & Herbert Campbell:1st "Laurel+Hardy" ?

Dan Leno (1860-1904) made 13 Films and Herbert Campbell (1844-1904) made 5 Films.
Four of the chubby Campbell's films teamed him with (Laurel hero) Leno, but do any survive?

Poodles Hanneford-Which Films Are Lost?

Poodles Hanneford imdb Credits
1962 Billy Rose's Jumbo -------------------------1928 The Circus Kid
1954 Ring of Fear ---------------------------------1928 Better Behave (Short)
1952 Springfield Rifle -----------------------------1928 Circus Daze (Short)
1952 The Cisco Kid (TV Series) -------------------1928 Deaf, Dumb and Blonde (Short)
- Monkey Business (1952) ---------------------------1928 Fare Enough (Short)
1951 The Golden Horde --------------------------1928 Help Wanted (Short)
1951 When I Grow Up --------------------------------1928 Why Detectives Go Wrong (Short)
1949 The Red Pony ----------------------------------1927 Plumb Dumb (Short)
1946 The Riding Hannefords (Short) -------------1927 Circus Capers (Short)
1946 Cinderella Jones -------------------------------1924 The Bonehead (Short)
1945 San Antonio --------------------------------------1924 The New Sheriff (Short)
1945 Northwest Trail ---------------------------------1923 The Riding Master (Short)
1945 Bells of Rosarita ---------------------------------1923 No Loafing (Short) (2nd reel)
1935 Our Little Girl ------------------------------------1923 Rough Sailing (Short)
1935 The Little Big Top (Short) ----------------------1923 Front! (Short)
1934 The Circus Clown -------------------------

Does anyone have info on this producer/studio? Image

Re: Lost Comics ? : Billy Reeves aka Billie Reeves

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 7:15 am
by mndean
I was just reading the latest Variety issues at IA and wasn't Billy B. Van selling soap? I remember seeing ads for Pine Tree Soap or somesuch with his name attached.

HARRY SWEET and the Plane at the Bottom of Big Bear Lake

Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:52 pm
by JFK
Harry Sweet
Harry Sweet, a comic at Baby Peggy's studio, and director of Laurel, Langdon, Kennedy, and Clark & McCullough,
disappeared with two companions while scouting film locations in 1933.
His friend, producer Bert Gilroy, went looking for him.
Above, a hotel/restaurant register, signed by Bert Gilroy and Harry Sweet (with self-caricature).

Are any of the Sweet silent comedies available on DVD?

SAMMY COHEN-Fox Feature Film Silent Comedy Star

Posted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 2:51 pm
by JFK
Sammy Cohen
Sammy Cohen , seen here as the unlikely Irishman Mike Murphy in James Cagney’s The Fighting 69th, was in
John Ford's recently restored Upstream, Raoul Walsh's What Price Glory?, and the Bowery Boys’ Mr. Hex as 'Evil-Eye' Fagin.

Do any of his four Fox silent comedy features- two directed by Pathe Lehrman, one co-starring Harry Sweet- survive ?

Homesick (1928) ------ Why Sailors Go Wrong (1928)------ Plastered in Paris (1928) ------ The Gay Retreat (1927)

BARNEY DEAN:Vaudevillian;Hope+Crosby Mascot/Writer

Posted: Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:13 pm
by JFK
Barney Dean
There's little info online concerning the Paramount gagman/bit-player
besides his mentions 1. on the Hope and Crosby radio shows, and 2. in their interviews/memoirs.

Top- With Block, Hope, Patton, Langford, & Romano ...Bottom- With Der Bingle


Dean's incomplete listing on imdb

Lewiston Evening Journal - Jun 2, 1952
Bob Thomas Old Time Hoofer “Advisor” for Hope and Crosby
(One of the few Dean interviews)

No Gayety At Final Show For Top Gag Writer HOLLYWOOD—(AP)—-
Barney Dean would have been both happy and unhappy with his final show. There was standing room only, but there were no laughs. Making laughs was Barney's business as gag man for Bob Hope and Bing Crosby. The bald little fellow was never without a funny line, whether it was for a Hope-Crosby movie or just for the private amusement of friends.
Variety of Friends
He had many friends. Some 250 showed up for the funeral last week, including prop men, song pluggers. ballplayers, as well as Hope, Dorothy Lamour, Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney, Pat O'Brien, George Burns, Dean Martin, Jack Benny, William Holden, George Raft, Phil Harris, Jack Webb and others. Dean was the quiet type, who underplayed his humor rather than hit you over the head with it. I was about the only one who ever interviewed him. He was afraid he might say the wrong thing to interviewers and offend Bing, Bob, or their writers. He told of meeting Hope 25 years ago when both were playing the Stafford Theater in Chicago. Barney was part of a dance act that later ended in a fist fight. He met Bing three years later at the Friar's Club in New York.
Drifts to Hollywood
After vaudeville died. Barney drifted to Hollywood, working as Sid Silver's stand-in for S6.50 a day. Things got so bad that. he tried selling Christmas cards to old pals. "I took my briefcase to the 'Road to Singapore' set," he recalled. "Bing and Bob greeted me like a long-lost friend. They offered me a job, so I left the briefcase in a corner of the set' I never have been able to sell them any Christmas cards." But he sold them on his services as adviser on gags. They wouldn't make a. picture without him. Once Paramount tried to put him off salary between pictures, Hope and Crosby told the studio either he stayed or they left. His paycheck was quickly reinstated

Internet Archive Image

From Page 69
A little guy named Barney Dean was on the bill with me. Barney was a dancer and a favorite with the booking agents be-
cause he had a great sense of humor off stage. He had very little on stage. But off he was likable and lovable, and when there was a lot of work, they gave Barney a crack at it. After my first show at the Stratford, Charlie Hogan had called Barney too and had asked, "How is Hope doing?" Barney said, "We're doing fine." "I know how you did," Hogan told him. "You laid an egg. How did Hope do?" "He did real good," Barney told him. "You'll be hearing about him."

INDEX "Dean, Barney
Pages 69, 162-165, 172, 179, 181-182, 273"

May Robson - Cinched, and in a clinch

Posted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:51 pm
by JFK

George Rowe ( .) (. ) on tour

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 5:11 pm
by JFK

Melbourne Table Talk Thursday January 12 1922

Mr Rowe was fired by the Roach Studio on June 27, 1925.
He subsequently did a vaudeville stint (the story, and an ad from a June 1926 Oregon date,
can be found in the George Rowe chapter of Steve Massa's Lame Brains and Lunatics).

Below is an ad, and accompanying article, from March 1926,
which explains that the act, in part, involved
the projection of films made in the host cities
earlier in the day/week.
Wed., March 10
"Big Movie Night"

Pathe Comedian
Leading Man
In Person on the Stage
Pictures Will Be Taken on the Stage of this Theatre Just as
They Do In the Studios of Hollywood.
See Yourself on the Screen

Attraction Extraordinary
Edwin Carlie and Leroy Eslick,
appearing at the State theatre next
Wednesday, March 10, arc the genuine
article, direct from Hollywood.
Mr. Carlie has been a member of
the motion picture colony for the
past ten years. He has been associated
with such well known stars as
Harold Lloyd. Mary Pickford. Jack
Pickford, Norma and Constance Talmadge,
"Busier" Keaton, Harry Langdon
and many others, as an
actor. For the .past three years
"Edwin J." as he is known to his
associates, has bent his efforts toward
the directorial end of the motion
picture business. You will see
him in action in person at the State
theatre next Wednesday only.
Leroy Eslick is a cameraman who
received his first instructions under
the watchful eye of our "Uncle
Sammy" during the
world war.
After the armistice, Mr. Eslick
turned his face westward and did not stop,
until he heard the conductor of the "Limited" call "all
out for Hollywood." Roy has been
there ever since, with the exception
of a location trip, now and then.
He has "cranked" many miles of
film for a few of the popular ones.
Such as. Alberta Vaughn in the
"Adventures of Mazie," Fred Thompson
in "The Bandit's Baby," Evelyn
Brent, "Kit" Guard, Albert Cooke
and many other F. B. O. stars. Mr.
Eslick was "on" the camera for two
years with the famous little darling
"Baby Peggy" for the stage Universal
Film Company. He also will appear
in person on the stage of the
State theatre next Wednesday using
the same camera that he used to
photograph the above mentioned celebrities.
Click to make larger version

A photo of Mr Rowe from this same period,
taken by the Simmer Studio, of Wenatchee, Washington

Re: Lost and Neglected Comics

Posted: Sat Jul 05, 2014 9:51 am
by Steve Massa
Of the four Sammy Cohen features listed above the one that definitely exists is WHY SAILORS GO WRONG ('28). Seen this one. It's the last where Cohen was teamed with Ted McNamara as McNamara died of pneumonia at 36 just after completing the film. Although he always played Irish characters, McNamara was Australian and had been a member of the juvenile Pollard's Lilliputians Company that also began the careers of Snub Pollard, Billy Bevan, Daphne Pollard, and Alf Goulding. After McNamara died Fox tried to keep the franchise going by teaming Cohen with pug-ugly Jack Pennick for PLASTERED IN PARIS ('29) and Harry Sweet in HOMESICK ('28), but the arrival of sound brought the series to an end.

Billy House shorts ?

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 4:55 pm
by JFK
Comedian Billy House had some good Broadway and Film credits- 3 with Orson Welles- but his shorts
(Wikipedia says he made 8) show up on neither imdb nor Youtube
. Lost ?

Re: Billy House shorts ?

Posted: Fri Jul 25, 2014 5:45 pm
by Jim Reid
JFK wrote:Comedian Billy House had some good Broadway and Film credits- 3 with Orson Welles- but his shorts
(Wikipedia says he made 8) show up on neither imdb nor Youtube
. Lost ?
I've got a 16mm print of The Dunker.

Re: Lost Comics ? : Billy Reeves aka Billie Reeves

Posted: Mon Oct 13, 2014 3:03 pm
by Gumlegs
FrankFay wrote:Savoy and Brennan recorded two routines on the Vocalion label shortly before Savoy was killed:" target="_blank" target="_blank
I have copies of both sides and am working on restoring them.

Wallace Carlson-Mostly Malarky, Silent Cartoons, Van Ronkels

Posted: Wed Oct 15, 2014 6:24 am
by JFK
Wallace Carlson's last strip - maybe you recall it from your youth- was "Mostly Malarky."
But he had a bigger, earlier strip, and was a pioneering animator.

After Wallace Carlson introduced the Gumps comic strip in an animated series, Sam Van Ronkel produced the live action version of the chinless family. Sam’s brother Isaac owned theatres - maybe they showed Gumps...

Sam, Issac and Elias Van Ronkel

A Ben Model scored Gump

Frank Hayes

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2014 2:00 am
by JFK


Walter DeLeon- Arbuckle;Hardy;Fields;Hope;Benny Writer

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 5:20 pm
by JFK
Walter DeLeon's career stretched from an Arbuckle stage musical (see below) to film and stage credits including the silent- and talkie- Ghost Breakers, and vehicles for Bert Roach, Johnny Hines, Jack Benny, George Burns & Gracie Allen, Jimmy Durante & George M Cohan, W. C. Fields (6 films), Oliver Hardy & Harry Langdon, Wheeler & Woolsey, Abbott & Costello, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby

Daily Illini, 9 November 1911 ("Muggins" Davis was his marital partner)


Daily Illini, 10 November 1911...............................Daily Illini, 11 November 1911


Daily Illini, 12 November 1911


Daily Illini, 14 November 1911 — "The Campus "


Daily Illini, 14 November 1911


Daily Illini, 16 November 1911


Daily Illini, 16 November 1911


Fred "Pimple" Evans

Posted: Thu Nov 13, 2014 9:32 pm
by JFK
Fred "Pimple" Evans (1889–1951) 216 films, but only one online ? (1910-1922)

Self-caricature as he imagined himself on a strip of Eastman film


Romo Vincent

Posted: Tue Nov 18, 2014 7:51 pm
by JFK
Romo Vincent was a comic/singer who worked with/for The Three Stooges, Frank Tashlin and Capra,
Lucille Ball, Buster Keaton, and Martin & Lewis (3 films).


Re: Lost and Neglected Comics,Comedy Scripters, & Directors

Posted: Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:36 am
by Bob Birchard
When I was 16 I saw Romo Vincent performing stand-up comedy on "The Newest, the Nicest, the Nili," a Caribbean cruise ship. Vincent played up his Hollywood career in his resume, although he was a barely recognized bit player for most in the audience.

Dewey Robinson

Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2014 10:42 pm
by JFK
Bushy-browed bit player Dewey Robinson's work isn't exactly unknown... he was on Broadway and had, from 1931-1952, 270 Film/TV Credits which included at least 23 bartenders, 1 Klansman, and 7 bouncers. He held his own in 8 Preston Sturges films, and as the tiny list below hints, he worked with almost every star comedian save Hope, Kaye, Langdon, Laurel & Hardy, and Clark & McCullough...
.... Skipalong Rosenbloom Maxie Rosenbloom .... At War With The Army Martin & Lewis.... Father Of The Bride Spencer Tracy..color=#FFFFFF].[/color]. The Yellow Cab Man Red Skelton.... My Friend I[rma Marie Wilson Martin & Lewis.... Neptune's Daughter Red Skelton.... The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend Preston Sturges .... Ma And Pa Kettle Marjorie Main Percy Kildride .... Joe Palooka In The Big Fight Leon Errol .... Joe Palooka In Fighting Mad Leon Errol .... On Our Merry Way Victor Moore Carl Switzer.... The Wistful Widow Of Wagon Gap Abbott And Costello.... Killer Dill Stuart Erwin Frank Albertson.... Copacabana Groucho Marx Carmen Miranda.... The Sin Of Harold Diddlebock Preston Sturges .... The Mighty Mcgurk Wallace Beery.... Mr. Hex Bowery Boys.... Joe Palooka, Champ Leon Errol.... Swing Parade Of 1946.... Three Stooges .... Scarlet Street Fritz Lang .... Pardon My Past Fred Macmurray .... The Bells Of St. Mary's Leo Mccarey .... Incendiary Blonde Betty Hutton Charles Ruggles .... It's In The Bag! Fred Allen Jack Benny .... Having Wonderful Crime Pat O’Brien.... Belle Of The Yukon Bob Burns.... Murder, My Sweet Dick Powell .... San Diego I Love You Buster Keaton .... The Great Moment Preston Sturges .... Hail The Conquering Hero Preston Sturges .... Take It Big Jack Haley .... Charlie Chan In The Chinese Cat Sidney Toler Mantan Moreland.... The Ghost Ship Val Lewton.... Whistling In Brooklyn Red Skelton Rags Ragland William Frawley.... A Rookie's Cookie (Short) El Bremdel Bernard Gorcey.... The Seventh Victim Val Lewton.... Redhead From Manhattan Lupe Velez Tim Ryan .... Casablanca S.Z. Sakall Leo White .... The Palm Beach Story Preston Sturges .... The Talk Of The Town George Stevens Cary Grant Jean Arthur .... The Big Street Lucille Ball.... Blondie For Victory Penny Singleton Arthur Lake .... Tales Of Manhattan W C Fields .... My Favorite Spy Producer Harold Lloyd Kay Kyser.... Brooklyn Orchid Producer Hal Roach William Bendix Joe Sawyer.... Sullivan's Travels Preston Sturges .... Sing For Your Supper Bert Gordon Eve Arden.... The Big Store Marx Brothers.... A Girl, A Guy, And A Gob Producer Harold Lloyd Lucille Ball Henry Travers Franklin Pangborn.... Meet The Chump Hugh Herbert Shemp Howard .... Tin Pan Alley Jack Oakie.... Christmas In July Preston Sturges.... Argentine Nights The Ritz Brothers.... Dance, Girl, Dance Dorothy Arzner Lucille Ball Edward Brophy .... The Great Mcginty Preston Sturges .... La Conga Nights Hugh Herbert, Dennis O'keefe .... Strange Cargo Clark Gable Joan Crawford .... The Blue Bird Shirley Temple .... The Hunchback Of Notre Dame Charles Laughton .... .... A $1000 Touchdown Joe E Brown Martha Raye Eric Blore .... Juarez Paul Muni Bette Davis .... Professor Beware Harold Lloyd Raymond Walburn Lionel Stander William Frawley Thurston Hall Cora Witherspoon Sterling Holloway .... Test Pilot Clark Gable Myrna Loy .... Mama Runs Wild Mary Boland Ernest Truex .... The Toast Of New York Cary Grant Frances Farmer Jack Oakie Donald Meek Clarence Kolb Billy Gilbert George Irving .... Super-Sleuth Jack Oakie Ann Sothern Edgar Kennedy .... New Faces Of 1937.... Joe Penner Milton Berle Harry Einstein .... Slave Ship Warner Baxter Mickey Rooney George Sanders .... On The Avenue Dick Powell Madeleine Carroll Alice Faye The Ritz Brothers George Barbier Alan Mowbray Cora Witherspoon Walter Catlett Joan Davis Stepin Fetchit Sig Ruman Billy Gilbert .... How To Be A Detective (Short) Robert Benchley .... All American Chump Stuart Erwin Edmund Gwenn Edward Brophy Spencer Charters .... Mummy's Boys Bert Wheeler Robert Woolsey Barbara Pepper .... Poppy W.C. Fields Lynne Overman Maude Eburne Bill Wolfe .... Florida Special Jack Oakie Sally Eilers Claude Gillingwater Sam Hearn Dwight Frye .... Murder On A Bridle Path James Gleason Helen Broderick Willie Best .... Remember Last Night? Constance Cummings Sally Eilers Reginald Denny .... A Midsummer Night's Dream Ian Hunter Verree Teasdale Dick Powell Olivia De Havilland Frank Mchugh James Cagney Joe E. Brown .... Keystone Hotel (Short) Ford Sterling Ben Turpin Chester Conklin Marie Prevost Vivien Oakland Dewey Robinson Bert Roach Leo White Jack Duffy .... The Crusades Loretta Young Henry Wilcoxon Alan Hale George Barbier .... Goin' To Town Mae West .... One Run Elmer (Short) Buster Keaton Harold Goodwin Bobby Dunn Jim Thorpe .... Palooka From Paducah (Short) Buster Keaton Joe Keaton Myra Keaton Ouise Keaton Bull Montana .... The Merry Widow Maurice Chevalier Jeanette Macdonald Edward Everett Horton ... Una Merkel George Barbier Minna Gombell Sterling Holloway Donald Meek Herman Bing .... Student Tour Jimmy Durante Charles Butterworth .... The Cat's-Paw Harold Lloyd Una Merkel George Barbier Nat Pendleton .... Stable Mates (Short) Jules White George Sidney, Charles Murray .... The Undie-World (Short) George Stevens Guinn 'Big Boy' Williams, Grady Sutton .... George White's Scandals Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Durante .... Roman Scandals Eddie Cantor Gloria Stuart .... Christopher Bean Marie Dressler .... Diplomaniacs Bert Wheeler Robert Woolsey Louis Calhern Hugh Herbert Edgar Kennedy .... She Done Him Wrong Mae West Cary Grant.... Oh! My Operation (Short) Vince Barnett Walter Catlett .... Lawyer Man William Powell Joan Blondell David Landau Allen Jenkins Dorothy Christy Max Davidson Dot Farley .... If I Had A Million Gary Cooper Charles Laughton George Raft Jack Oakie Charles Ruggles Alison Skipworth W.C. Fields Mary Boland Roscoe Karns May Robson Bob Burns Berton Churchill Margaret Fealy Fred Kelsey Tom Kennedy .... The Big Broadcast Bing Crosby Stuart Erwin Leila Hyams George Burns Gracie Allen .... One Way Passage William Powell Kay Francis Aline Macmahon Frank Mchugh .... Blonde Venus Marlene Dietrich Herbert Marshall Cary Grant Dickie Moore .... The Painted Woman Spencer Tracy .... Tarnished Lady Tallulah Bankhead Clive Brook Osgood Perkins
Dewey in Killer Dill 28:35-32:43 43:17-43:27

Dick Sutherland

Posted: Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:06 pm
by JFK
Dick Sutherland owed his film career, and early death, to the same disease that claimed Rondo HattonImage

Re: Lost and Neglected Comics,Comedy Scripters, & Directors

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 4:55 pm
by FrankFay
Sutherland turns up in several of Lloyd Hamilton's Educational shorts. You can hear him speak in "Don't Be Nervous" but he's incomprehensible.

Joe Laurie, Jr.- Can You Top This ?

Posted: Fri Nov 28, 2014 11:34 pm
by JFK
Joe Laurie, Jr. was a vaudeville star with sparse Film/TV credits who is best -
which is to say, in this case, not much - recalled for his books and his 12 years
on radio's Can You Top This ? Click the 3 tiny images above to read Vaudeville,
hear radio episodes, or listen to George Jessel read bits from Show Biz.