Ep. 29: Ed Lorusso on Kickstarting The Cossack Whip • Rodney Sauer on Scoring Old Ironsides

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Ep. 29: Ed Lorusso on Kickstarting The Cossack Whip • Rodney Sauer on Scoring Old Ironsides

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NitrateVille Radio Episode 29: Ed Lorusso on Kickstarting The Cossack Whip • Rodney Sauer on Scoring Old Ironsides

In this episode we dig into the nitty gritty of how silent film DVDs and Blu-Rays get made, with two NitrateVille members talking about their upcoming projects. (67:22)

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(1:55) Ed Lorusso (Drednm) has put out ten releases of films preserved by the Library of Congress, financed and marketed via Kickstarter by silent fans including many people here, scored by top silent film accompanists like Ben Model and Donald Sosin, and often licensed for TV screenings by TCM. He just launched his eleventh, The Cossack Whip, starring Viola Dana and directed by John H. Collins. We discuss this latest release and the whole process of becoming a one-man video label.

Here's the Kickstarter for The Cossack Whip, which you can be part of through October 5.

Two of Ed's Marion Davies titles, Beauty's Worth and The Bride's Play, are available from Undercrank Productions. Two others are available from Grapevine Video: Enchantment with Marion Davies, and Ducks and Drakes with Bebe Daniels. Ed also has a book about Marion Davies' films here.

A NitrateVille thread on John Collins is here. Another of his films with Viola Dana, Children of Eve, is in this set.


(31:33) Rodney Sauer (Rodney) leads the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra, which specializes in performing vintage scores for silent films, drawn from Rodney's massive collection of authentic movie theater sheet music. With Kino Lorber's October 30 release of Paramount's 1926 naval epic Old Ironsides, he has a real rarity—a film with a complete score from beginning to end, so he tells us about arranging and performing that on the piano (and plays some bits here and there for us).


Old Ironsides is available here for pre-order from Kino Lorber; they will also be releasing a rare William Wellman film called You Never Know Women, available here.

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