Listing of my 2017 "then and now" filming location videos

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Listing of my 2017 "then and now" filming location videos

Unread post by chrisbungo » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:39 am

Hello all. I've been busy making a bunch of new "then and now" location videos this year. Here's a list of all the presentations (talkies) I've created this year. Hope you enjoy them!

Chris Bungo
Miami, FL

HOG WILD (1930) - Laurel and Hardy:" target="_blank

THE HOOSE-GOW (1929) - Laurel and Hardy:" target="_blank

THUNDERING TAXIS (1933) - The Taxi Boys Series:" target="_blank

WHY GIRLS SAY NO (1928) - Max Davidson:" target="_blank

MOAN AND GROAN INC (1929) - Our Gang:" target="_blank

FREE WHEELING (1932) - Our Gang:" target="_blank

FOUR PARTS (1934) - Charley Chase:" target="_blank

THE KID FROM BORNEO (1933) - Our Gang:" target="_blank

A LAD AN' A LAMP (1932) - Our Gang:" target="_blank

LAZY DAYS (1929) - Our Gang:" target="_blank

YOU'RE TELLING ME (1932) - The Boy Friends Series:" target="_blank

THREE LITTLE BEERS (1935) - The Three Stooges:" target="_blank

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