The Radio Man (NSFW) / Free 16mm scans

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The Radio Man (NSFW) / Free 16mm scans

Unread post by Daniel D. Teoli Jr. » Thu Apr 11, 2019 6:18 am

I don't know if this is up your alley or not on this forum. I had found some 16mm trashed film and spliced it together and found it to be a section from a 1931 stag film called 'The Radio Man.' I put it up on the Internet Archive. (YouTube or Vimeo wont go for it.)

The film was a real mess. Kept breaking every time I scanned it. If you like vacuum tubes this may be of interest. ... rt%20teoli

I love the pig in the poke films. Like Xmas, you never know what you will find. Film is just fascinating stuff. I think I could spend 10 lifetimes on it and not be bored.

BTW, I will be offering free 2K scans for 16mm films. You pay shipping both ways. Only catch is the films have to interest me and I will add the digital files to my archive and online. No feature films. Silent films. Short subject 400 to 800 feet max. (Unless super interesting to me then may do larger reels.)

If film has narrated sound and is interesting and projectable then I may do some sound. My scanner is silent, so sound has to be taken off of projector. I prefer not to project your films. My scanner is sprocketless so handles most anything easy does it.

If you need a scan write direct [email protected] to discuss.

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