# 20 - Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND !

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# 20 - Lost 35mm Nitrate Film FOUND !

Unread post by Silencebound » Sun Nov 02, 2014 7:37 am

With a sorry tale unfolding here after the small 48ft fragment was very-painstakingly reconstructed after received four separated rolls scattered into pieces with two separated mails from England. Not a nice experience for me involded but, as so speak, this work is pretty tacky to me but done almost nicely. After showed some still frame pictures of an untitled German comedy film that I posted it here some months ago, I am beginning to wondering what is the film title that this fragment was came from ? "Sündig und süß" ( Germany, 1929 ) or "Die Kaviarprinzessin" ( Germany 1930 ) ? Some Nitratevillers here has mentioned that the leading German actress is Anny Ordra, right ? And he is a French actor Andre Roanne, eh ? I have released this # 20 fragment show without the actual film title. Well, but I just wants to know who is that other supporting stars at the beginning of the fragment - an Elder woman at the beginning and the Elder guy at ending of the 38-seconds long film. After viewing this film, then please state WHO is that supporting actors as I've listed some names from both films as that can help you to ID them bit quicker than as usual.

ID this listed names of an Elder woman :-

Toni Tetzlaff - Maria Forescu - Ida Wüst ?

And ID this listed names of an Elder guy :-

Paul Morgan - Paul Rehkopf - Julius Falkenstein - Eugen Rex - Hermann Picha - Hans Junkermann - Adolphe Engers - Hans Mierendorff - Albert Paulig - Josef Rovensky ??
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