Tonight On WOMR, and The Film World

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Tonight On WOMR, and The Film World

Unread post by Brad Moore » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:59 am

Hey All,

Tonight Monday November 13th on my radio program at 9PM on WOMR 92.1 FM on Cape Cod, and at 9PM eastern, I will be airing 3 short radio interviews from (1962), and and (1963) from WBAI in NY. The program was called The Film World, and Bob Lee was interviewed on how The Essex Film Club and The Griggs Moviedrome started. a lot of films from my collection has come from them, Bob Lee's son Donnie Lee has transferred many of the soundtrack tapes that you here in my film series from the original tapes for silent films, that they use to sell on reel to reel, and cassette, and sometimes would use during film showings at The Essex Film Club for me on to CD. Quite a few of those tapes have needed a bit of restoring before he was able to do some of those transfers.

I feel I have modeled a bit of the feeling of the old Essex Film Club with in this this film series, and owe a lot of thanks to Donnie Lee for the hours he has spent over the years digging through these tapes, restoring. and transferring them to CD. Some of the films, and tapes that I have shown, and will show, you will hear being talked about within the interview. Hope you can tune in.

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